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Our forex advisory module helps in relieving the corporate from the responsibility of constantly monitoring forex markets and enables them to concentrate on their core business areas.


In what is arguably in one of the most volatile markets, timeliness and relevance of information holds the key to effective decision-making. Information about the movements and trends in the forex market is all the more crucial because it has a direct impact on the bottom line of the corporate. Accurate and timely information is not only a facilitator to decision making but also goes towards ensuring that the corporate is obtaining rates in line with the market.

We satisfy the above need by means of our information service module. Acting as information service providers to more than 2000 corporate clients across the country, we ensure that our clients remain informed about the market and the changes taking place therein. Information is delivered through a variety of communication media like e-mail and Whatsapp/SMS. Reports are sent on a daily basis with a weekly and monthly round up. The reports encompass all possible information about the forex market and the money market along with the fundamental and technical analysis. Apart from data on interbank rates we also send a pre-market message reflecting intraday rupee view.